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This is a lifestyle blog. We love to write about anything just about! Why do you ask it's named Snack Bar. I tried to rebrand it trust me! This was My first blog ever (Priscilla). All my social media accounts were in Snack Bar Reviews. My domain so I changed the outlook! It doesn't have to actually be about snacks but have a twist to it! We pick at everything in life almost like a buffet! So thats why we are Snack Bar and our motto is to enjoy Life's buffet! So enjoy reading about whatever happens to be of interest to us or you guys!

~Blog Owner~

I am Priscilla. I am also Owner of ItsPeachyKeen.com While I monitor this site and it is mine. I have a full time writer for this one. She puts in a ton of effort to get her voice heard and we work together to improve it. Want to work with her and I. We are two different people on two different outlets! Get to know her! Want to know more about me? Check out my website link above. Itspeachykeen.com I am a mom of three kiddos and we love everyday and are thankful for it. Want to work with me on Snack Bar Reviews or have questions. You can reach me directly at Itspeachykeen@live.com

~About this Blog's Writer~

Hi! I am Crystyn, writer for Snack Bar Reviews. I am a stay at home mom to two little boys, Lex 2 years old and a little one, Jack, who was born on 7/17/15. We live a Semi- Crunchy Life style using cloth diapers, babywearing, and extended breastfeeding. We try and eat healthy and organic but eat at fast food restaurants as well. I am also a photographer and love taking pictures of my children. We also have two labs, Mia and Emma. Our family loves trying new products and spreading the word about things we have tried and loved! I am excited to write for this page and am looking forward to all the exciting things life has to offer! 


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