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*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.
TaylorCrafts Engraves started when Tony and Belinda both lost their jobs in the recession in 2009-2010. When the holidays arrived, Belinda was thinking of gifts she could give and came up with the idea of a personalized cutting board. These were not only a hit as a gift but when they decided to try and sell them they were a hit as well! Their business blossomed over the years and they are now in a 3000 square foot space and partner with local wood mills and woods craftsmen in the local salt lake city area.
TaylorCrafts engraved now not only has cutting boards but other personalized products that all make amazing holiday gifts! One really cool product is the pizza board! These are made with bamboo which easily peels the pizza out of your oven without tearing it. Thats a far cry from the tongs and spatula I try and use!
Serving trays are another great idea! Maybe I should purchase these and give my husband a hint that I want breakfast in bed? These trays come in three different types of wood you can choose from for a style of looks. What is great is there is a list of ideas you can choose from for your engraving and if you don't see anything you like then you can talk to them about your own personal ideas!
Anyone that knows me knows that I am such a fan of personalized products. My family means everything to me and I love being 'us' as a whole being represented. It is so cool to walk into my kitchen and my cutting board is displayed proudly on my counter. I get so many compliments on it and others asking where it came from. My father in law was particularly impressed and was inspecting the wood and commenting on how nice it was. If you want to see all that TaylorCrafts Engraved has to offer you can check them out HERE.

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