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*Disclosure: I have received products free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.
Elly Lu Organics is owned and operated by two sister in laws that are married to twin brothers. How cool is that? After searching for similar products for their own children and being unsuccessful they decided to make their own line of whimsical stuffed toys. They are not only adorable but also eco-friendly. Part of Elly- Lu's mission is to minimize your exposure to harmful toxins. This is why their products are made exclusively from certified organic and environmental friendly materials. Another cool thing about Elly Lu is for every product sold they donate 1 dollar to a few select charities!
Elly Lu products are manufactured in certified "Garments without guilt" factories which align with fair trade principles. Every moment is a teaching moments so each toy comes with a tag with a fun fact about that animal.
Elly Lu has six copyrighted characters you can choose from and Norman the Narwhal has his very own book you can purchase! Each animal is approved for age zero months and up and the book is perfect for all ages! I think Cupcake the unicorn is my favorite! But both mermaids are a close second! Fun Unicorn facts:"This mythical creature is known for it's goodness and gentleness and ability to heal. One of the earliest records of a Unicorn was found in an ancient Greek text that described a one horned horse-like animal that was spotted in India. " For each Cupcake that is purchased, Elly Lu donates one dollar to support clean drinking water and free education to villages in India! You can find out more facts about each animal and how each one supports a different charity in its own special way!
You can purchase all of Elly Lu Organics cuddly animals HERE. And follow their adventures on Instagram @ellyluorganics.

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