The Teething Egg

*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.

Teething is hard! Not just hard for our littles but hard for the parents as well! I am always on the look out for great products that will help soothe my baby's little gums. Right now we are working on those dreaded two year molars. Hands are always in the mouth, toys, and whatever he can use to soothe his aching gums. The Teething Egg is great because it has the tether so it can stay with him at all times for quick relief. I can guide J when he is trying to use his hands and toys to pick up his egg and use that instead. 

The Teething Egg is designed to fit nicely in little hands and isn't too heavy for their tiny grasps. The egg is made in the USA and is CPSC tested for safety and backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. They come in a variety of colors and you can now accessorize with new clips! 

The Teething Egg was designed by a husband and wife team that wanted to find the perfect teething toy for their little girl. Moms can rest assured that this product is safe and FDA quality and perfectly designed for their little ones. 

The Teething egg is 17.99 on their website and they ship worldwide fir a flat 3 dollar shipping fee! You can purchase your Teething Egg here. You can also find them on Facebook.

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