The Splatter Shield

*Disclosure: I have received product in exchange for review. These thoughts are solely my own. 

Guys! I am SO excited about this product! Do you have a potty training boy that has the worst aim? Urine always ending up on the back of the toilet or the floor? Not only am I potty training my own 3 year old son but I am a full time child caregiver and am potty training another boy as well! That is TWICE the accidents around the toilet! Ever since I got the splatter shield I have not had to clean up ANY pee around the toilet! Seriously, I was getting so frustrated teaching these guys how to aim and always having to clean up my bathroom every-single-day! 

The Splatter Shield is so easy to just pop onto the top of your toilet, it is as quick as putting a toddler potty seat on top! It is light weight and easy to clean! The Splatter Shield is seen on "As seen on TV" AND they are working with one of the original sharks from Shark Tank! How cool is that?? Check out this awesome video featuring the Splatter Shield: 

You can now buy the Splatter Shield for 19.95! A little bit of money for a whole lot of time saved! Sounds worth it to me! 

You can buy the Splatter Shield HERE and follow them on Facebook

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