Maxi- Lularoe Holly Stevens

*Disclosure: I received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own. 

Isn't that a lovely picture of me?! Just kidding but at least I look cute! This feature is on the Lularoe Maxi! It can be worn as a skirt OR a dress! How awesome is that?? A big thing with me is comfort. Running around with my kids all day long it gets crazy! But I still love looking cute and the maxi is a great mix of comfort and cute! It is 'fall' here in PA and I'm using that lonely because the weather has been off the charts warm! So I am pairing my maxi with an Irma here! In the hot of summer I could wear the waist band around my chest to make a dress! I am very petite so this is an XS and fits me well. I sized down 1 size because I am super short and the length fits me great! 

This post is brought to you by Holly Stevens! She is local to me and wants to tell you a little about herself and her 'why.' "I was born and raised in Harrisburg, attended Millersville for education. Met my husband after college and after getting married we decided to move to Ohio to be near his family. Lived in Columbus for almost 5 years. I taught high school math until after my first child was born. My husband and I both decided financially and emotionally is was the best decision for me to not return to work. I nannied and enjoyed being able to spend each day with our son. Our daughter was born and circumstances had changed so we started thinking about moving back to PA to be near my family. I'm extremely grateful for my husband and the company he works for. He was easily able to continue working for the same company and move across state lines. This made our financial situation stable. Around thanksgiving of 2015 I was first introduced to LuLaRoe. I bought my first pair of leggings and instantly fell in love. My "collection" quickly started to grow. A mommy friend talked to me about the amazing opportunities she has had since joining LLR. I was very interested but with our upcoming move it just wasn't the right time. Plus, the financial investment seemed daunting. Months past and I watched my friends business flourish. She was enjoying being a stay at home mom and a business woman. I have always struggled with loving the way I looked in clothes. After two kids it was even harder to find clothes that fit and made me feel confident. But every pice of LLR I tried and bought changed this. I started to feel confident. I realized that it wasn't me, but rather the clothes that needed to change. The financial freedom and confidence others were experience was enticing. I wanted this for myself. Our move finally happened and I told my husband I needed to take this leap. As a stay at home mom to two beautiful children I wanted to help support our family but still be able to be with our children as much as possible. LLR allows me to do just that. My family is my "why". My husband and I want a large family and I want to help relive any financial burden he may feel when it comes to providing for us. LLR is making it all possible. And to top it off, I get to help other women, especially moms, feel confident and beautiful in their own bodies. The smilies I see when someone finds the perfect item is a huge blessing. I'm blessed just by seeing women gain back confidence in themselves."

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And guess what?? Another legging giveaway!!! Man, you guys are so lucky you will be living in comfort and style! The winner chooses the size and Holly picks the print! 


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