Small Things That Make A Big Difference

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Does spring have you feeling feverish. To accomplish all this stuff! I always get this I must do 500 tasks around my home. I often end up wanting to redo my kitchen or bathroom or some room that has been neglected. I have some simple and fun ways to sprush up your room. Give it a spring make over and that fresh feeling. Sometimes thats as easy as a new coat of paint. It's true what they say that it does wonders. 

For the Kitchen you can put up a back splash if you don't have one. There are affordable options at PlumbTile and so many glass and tile to fit almost everyones desired look. The kitchen is a room we are in a ton, more then our bedroom I think. When I walk into my kitchen I'd like it give me that good morning or afternoon, whatever feeling I love. Maybe even add in a new sink. A sink that you love and fits your needs really helps with the work flow, trust me! You'd be wishing you'd done it sooner. 

Another room that we are in a lot is the bathroom. Sometimes we get tired of seeing the same old. So at PlumbTile they offer a ton to redo it. You can get a new toilet. May not seem like much but it'll make you so much more comfortable if your using an old school one still. Even get some new knobs for the drawers or cabinets and give those a paint job. all a sudden your walking into a new bathroom. If you ever wanted to replace your bathroom sink, this is perfect timing. They have so many styles, it's hard to pick just one. 

So whatever your needs big or small head over to plumbtile  and check out what they have to offer. 


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