Kidz Entertainment, Inc.

*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own. 

Kidz Entertainment, Inc. is a place where you will find novelty picture books and gifts that combine the worlds of children, animals, and music with color and excitement. The picture books contain bright and colorful illustrations which entertain imagination an contain factual information about various breeds adding an educational dimension. It also includes an award winning CD attached for a musical aspect. 

I got to review the "Show Dog" book. This pack came with a plush dog, a picture book, and a coloring book. The age for this set is 5-8 years old. The book itself is adorable. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is educational and entertaining. 

The coloring book is detailed and comes with a set of four crayons. As your child is having fun coloring they can learn as well! 

The plush dog is a great added touch! Even my two year old loves playing with this added feature for lots of fun! 

Other sets included: Pansie the Piglet, Show Calico Cat, and Show Cat. There are different animals for different interests! 

If you would like to see more of Kidz Entertainment, Inc. products you can find them here

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