Toddler Bath Salon

*Disclosure: I have received product for this post. These thoughts are solely my own.

The Toddler Bath Salon mat is designed to fit all standard bath tubs. The mat allows children to lay down in a comfortable position in order for parents to wash their hair. Once their hair is washed they can sit on the mat during bath time as well. The mat has a suction cup on the back so it can be easily hung on the wall of the tub. The product i phthalate free. 

I feel like Lex is a pretty easy child to bathe but he loved laying back on this mat to get his hair washed. He didn't get any soap in his eyes or water washing over his face. He thought it was fun to lay on the mat like it was a bed and even wanted to take it out to play with. 

It was easy to blow up as well. It took about 3 minutes to blow it up. Until we established a routine with the mat Lex thought of it more as a toy then a device to wash his hair. After he learned that we hang it up and then play in the water it was smooth sailing. 

This is a great device for children who hate to get their hair washed. If you would like to purchase the mat you can visit Toddler Bath Salon

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