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Freshly Picked began as a one mom show. Susan, the owner, decided one day that her son needed a pair of shoes that were well constructed and stayed on his feet. She started designing a few pairs until she found the perfect design. Now that the business has grown larger she is able to pay others to make the shoes but with the same great quality. 

Freshly picked has moccasins to fit the tiniest newborn feet to a size 8 kids in soft soled, size 7-13 kids in hard soled and women's moccasins. Lex loves putting on his moccasins because they are comfortable on his feet so he can run fast! Although Jack can not walk, and won't for a few months, his moccasins play a big role as well; they are keeping his feet warm this Pa winter! 

Freshly picked moccasins have held up thus far to lots of wear! Lex has worn his on concrete, in grass, at the mall, and all over the place! They are also easy to clean off! They fit his feet nicely and he has a little room to grow into them. They are easy to put on and stay on! 

Baby shoes never stay on babies feet but Jack has yet to kick these off! I love how they stretch so you can easily put them on babies feet and they hug his ankles for a great fit. 

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