Save money, time, and eat well with Giant this holiday season!

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GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets is helping customers save money, save time and eat well for every holiday and celebration through the New Year.During the holiday season, GIANT/MARTIN’S customers have the choice of trying Own Brands Limited Time Originals Peppermint products, Simply Enjoy, World Menu and as a finishing touch, Etos beauty products. GIANT/MARTIN’S is your one-stop shop for entertaining essentials this year.

Save money of quality products

Just in time for the holidays Giant/Martins has come out with some new products. There are a variety of peppermint limited time originals such as peppermint cupcakes, ice cream, gelato, double layer cake and double peppermint filled sandwich cookies! Limited time beverages include peppermint seltzer, peppermint craft soda or peppermint tea. 

If you are looking to bake this season you can find new peppermint ingredients like crushed baking chips, milk chocolate covered marshmallows with crushed peppermint, chocolate bark, brownie and cookie mixes. 

And don't forget the home with peppermint soaps, candles and cleaning products! 
To help shoppers create more memorable meals the Simply Enjoy products are back with even more products. These items include frozen appetizers and desserts, deli dips, smoked salmon, fresh pasta and crackers. 

Earlier this year Giant/Martins expanded its World menu line. These internationally inspired products feature quality ingredients and easy preparation, including many Italian and Asian favorites to offer a new take on take-out. Grab a few varieties to keep in your freezer for quick appetizers when unexpected guest drop by. Don't forget to check for the Giant brand staples such as canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, chocolate chips and more! 

Eat well by lightening up holiday favorites
It is possible to make better choices, and eat well while still allowing yourself to indulge on your favorite holiday dishes this season.

GIANT/MARTIN’S nutritionists offer their “Top Five” ideas to lighten up your holiday festivities: 

1. Rather than skipping a meal because of a holiday party later in the day, eat a light lunch or snack to curb your appetite beforehand. Because you’re not starving when you arrive, you are less likely to overeat. 

2. Before grabbing a plate at the buffet, first take stock of what’s available. Fill half of your plate with seasonal vegetables, one quarter with lean protein and finish the remaining quarter with a starch such as potatoes or corn. 

3. There are plenty of lower calorie substitutes for your baking recipes. Whole eggs can be swapped with egg whites and applesauce in place of oil. Instead of sour cream, cream cheese or mayonnaise, opt for plain non-fat Greek yogurt. 

4. Both sugary and alcoholic beverages can contain a lot of excess calories so instead feature sparking beverages. A pitcher of sparkling fruit flavored seltzer water (calorie and sodium-free) can be dressed up with floating cranberries or orange slices for a festive beverage option. 

5. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the three bite dessert rule. Choose a small piece, take three bites and savor each bite. 

Saving you time

You can save time by choosing one of Giant/Martins great entertaining party trays, fully prepared dinner, desserts, and more all available to order! Visit the Giant or Martins website to order today. 

Also available at select Giants is Peapod. Peapod offers the convenience of online grocery shopping, and delivery to customers homes or businesses. You can also utilize Peapod's pick up service where you can shop online and schedule the time to pick up your groceries! Visit Peapod and type in your zip code to see if one is near you!

As part of GIANT/MARTIN’S ongoing commitment to help customers include more fresh and healthy meals into their busy schedules, the holiday edition of Savory Fast, Fresh and EasyTM hits store shelves and online in early November.View on the GIANT or MARTIN’S website or download the free Savory app.Packed with easy recipe and entertaining ideas. 

Rather than circle the mall parking lot for a spot, see what gifts you can get at your local GIANT/MARTIN’S. 

Did you know the floral department offers a wide selection of holiday centerpieces and arrangements perfect for gift-giving? Choose from a variety of styles or speak to a floral associate who can create a unique arrangement just for you.

You can also create one-of-a-kind gift baskets featuring snacks for the sports lover, sweets for the choco-holic or beauty care items, like GIANT/MARTIN’S simple, effortless and affordable Etos beauty products.

Don't forget the gift cards for the person that has everything!

For more holiday ideas stop by your local Giant or Martins or visit the Giant or Martins websites. 


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