Revamping the already awesome

Snack bar reviews is back up and running with a new writer! Hi! I am Crystyn and this picture above is my beautiful family. I am sure you will get to know me along the way but I thought I would introduce myself and my family. I graduated from Millersville University with degrees in Elementary and Special Education. Right out of college I was hire to be a behavior technician at a school for children with autism. Then I moved to a preschool where I was their 3 year old teacher. Present day me is a stay at home mom loving life and watching my babies grow. We recently bought a house and are discovering they great joys of baby proofing, fixing things, and decorating and turning a house into our home. 

My husband, we will refer to him as K, is the working man of the family and is a supportive, loving father to my two handsome boys. 

My oldest son's name is Lex. He was 2 in October and teaches us something new every day. He loves super heroes, playing on the iPad, snuggling and watching movies, playing outside in the dirt, and just being a kid! He is an amazing big brother and loves helping! 

My youngest son's name is Jack. He was recently born in July. He is just like his big brother. He loves being held and worn, mommies milkies, and laughing at his big brother. He has taught me how to multi task and how to juggle life! 

Throughout our journey you will see pictures I have taken and my thoughts about products and life! So when you are shopping for the perfect gift and just can't find something, browse around here and you just may see my thoughts on it! 

Have a yummy day! 


  1. Hi Crystyn. Nice to meet you. You have a lovely family.


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