Lunch Packing Ideas That Rock

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Looking for easy ways to make a great, healthy lunch. It's not as hard as you think! It can also be Pinterest fun! All you need is some fresh fruit or veggies. Cut them up ahead of time. Each day add them into the lunch box. Add a different dip. Do a marshmallow dip one day for the fruit and a ranch the next day for veggies. Add some great pick me up protein with a Yummy Snack or a handful of trail mix. Last but not least, unless your kid hates peanutbutter/jelly. Toss in a sandwich. Cut out a small heart on top to make it just a little more fun to eat!
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One other way to keep a lunch more on the healthier side is to use some wheat bread. You can also make your own lunchable! Put some pepperoni in the case, cheese slices, and crackers.
When looking to pack a lunch. Great ideas are easy and not hard to come up with. There will days when yes, you do toss a pack of Oreos in the bag or buy a premade lunchable. You know what, in my opinion. Thats ok! I have those days and my daughter happens to enjoy those days as well. All about surprise of the lunch. She loves to open it and see what kind of bar she got or fruit is in it that day.
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Another A+ lunch idea is to include a small note. Grab a stack of post its. When your done packing lunch, write a few simple words. Like I love you or even a picture of the sunshine. It's going to bring a smile to their face for sure and set their moods for the rest of the school day to a good one.


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