Inexpensive ways to make a party great!

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I love throwing parties. When Lex turned one we went all out. We rented the hall and everything matched to a T and we spent way too much money even though it was amazing and he will never remember it. For his second birthday we decided since we recently bought a house we would have the party here. K did not want to spend as much money this time so I had to come up with creative and inexpensive ways to scratch my matching itch. Here are a few tips to make something big out of something little! 


First I went on and searched for super hero instant download print outs. The set I bought was about 10 dollars and had tons of print outs. Then I went on and selected what I wanted printed at my local store. To have everything printed out that I wanted it was about 15.00. 

I made a list of things I needed for my food table and used the little cut out signs for all of my food ideas. These little signs added a super touch to something so simple. 

I bought a pack of water bottles and cut out the water bottle labels that came with the pack and water went from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few minutes! 

I made balloon pillars from a roll of balloon decorating strip. I blew up 80 balloons to make those pillars! Each bag of balloons cost 2.99 for packs of 20 making it 12.00 total. 

I also made my own lovely cupcakes (Black and yellow for Batman colors) and bought this paper cupcake tower at Party City for 7.00. 

Here are more examples of signs for the food: 


I hung a few more "Happy Birthday" signs and "Super Hero Only" signs and bam! one awesome super hero party! You can do this with almost any theme! So next party you throw I hope this helps you add some cheap special touches! 

Have a yummy day! 


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