Escape Room Lancaster

I was provided and experience in exchange for my post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. (Lancaster location)

Crystyn and I got to go this amazing place! Check it out! (No it's not scary) 

Recently a friend and I went to the Escape room. I also went a second time with my new husband. It was a blast. While you read the title and are thinking this sounds scary or maybe something for the fall season only, It's not! It's a puzzle or a game more so.
You choose one of the current three rooms. These do change sometimes and themes can vary. Currently they have a train station, art gallery, and medieval theme. I have done train station and art gallery.
Room sizes also vary. You can go as a couple or go as a group. If you go as a couple you will be in a room, locked away with a stranger or so. Thats the best part. You get to meet new people and work together. You all have to help find the clue and make the pieces fit. The team behind the scenes do give out hints when needed but nothing gives that clue away. You for sure need to use your head and think in these rooms. While yes you are locked in the room for a full 60 minutes unless you escape early because your just so darn smart! There are fire exits for all those kinda afraid to "actually" be locked in it with no way out.
I also did the train station with my husband. It was only him and I. I must say it felt awesome working together. We escaped just 6 minutes before our time was up, it was hard! While I did two rooms, they were different experiences. completely different ways to find clues, puzzles, hints, settings, it was so fun.
The crew over at the Lancaster Escape Room is amazing. Funny fact, they watch you the whole time in the room. They are the ones giving out clues or clues that your team may just need. They are funny and very helpful, as well as super polite. There are rules along with this experience. Like no photos in the room because you don't wanna give out any secrets. Do not touch the "do not touch signs" I certainly touched one or two! If you leave the room before you actually escape. There is no re-entry. To go to the Escape room you do have to book an appointment online.
This is awesome for companies to do and build some team building skills with co workers. Awesome for you to do as a date night or out with friends. Even bring in the whole family. They do allow kids but a waiver has to be signed. So for all those mamas out there with an infant. You can baby wear them and be on your marry way. My friend wore her son and she had a blast too.
My tips for going to escape room. Be fun and talk with your friends or newly met strangers. Go a little early to try out all the locks they have. Leave time after for pictures in their photo prop area! So much fun and so worth going. Once you go the first time your gonna wanna keep coming back.
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