So Lets See Whats Coming For The New Year


     Well everyone! Finally update you on whats new this New Year! I am getting more time on my hands. My kids are getting older. There are some big changes! While I can't tell you my secret YET.... I can't wait to share.

     My New Year started off horrible! I came down with the flu. "booo" I know! I have never gotten the flu, this year I choose to get the flu shot. Well guess what? I got the flu! Thanks for the help "flu shot" Well I was out of commission for a week. I missed the ball drop on New Years Eve because I was sleeping. I'm lame, I know. I was sick all New Years Day."Omg" Worst holiday time ever! I am now better and ready to pounce on new things this year!

    My girls are also getting so big so quick! I try to relive them as babies! Sometimes they give me little glimpse in the past, that I adored when they were so itsy bitsy. We also adopted two kitties. two completely polar opposites! One cat I call the bedroom kitty. She is always in the bedroom. The other cat is crazy as a elephant and a mouse in a china shop! Some days They drive me nuts! I am just loving life and everything thats coming!

    So Let me know how your New Year is coming so far? Let me know some "COOOL" products you'd like me to check out! You can also just say hi!


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