Cookies Make Everyone Smile


I am quiting my job for a job in a different company! I hate to leave and I'll miss all my co-workers! I made this little gift for my two bosses, one of the secretary's, and The awesome lady who hired me! This was a simple gift to make for anyone who has a sweet tooth! Feel free to use your own cookies!

First I bought some Jars, that I thought were cute! I choose what cookies to make to go inside the jars!

    I thought I'd make peanut butter cookies and Mexican wedding cookies with pecans. Well for some reason the peanut butter cookies didn't turn out right, Idk why. I think it was because of recipe I googled.

After I got done making the Mexican Wedding cookies, which by the way are super easy and don't need a ton of ingredients. When they are cool, you roll them in powder sugar! 

I cut the peanut butter cookies in fours, one they fit easier in the jars and I could space them apart to make the jar look fuller.

Added some stickers I had from scrapbooking, to give them a little touch!

The jars are done! Some ribbon and bows and they look just a little bit nicer.

I sprinkled some pecans in the bottom before I placed the cookies inside.

 Some extra nuts for the crazy girls I work with !

Also sprinkled some on top!

Finished product! They loved them! 

Any Questions, feel free to ask. 


Thanks For Checking Out My Blog!! :-)