Cheap Fun Idea For Girls


     So "THEE" best place I like to find cheap fun things to do is the dollar store! I like to think I'm creative in coming up with awesome decor or just something for a rainy day! Keep reading to see what awesome idea I came up with for my girls! 

    I came up with this idea because while I'm doing my makeup my girls are always playing with it or stealing it!  I went to the local Dollar Tree and grabbed a few things. I bought a cute little basket, make up brush set, pack of 12 combs, pack of 6 hair bands, two hand held mirrors, and also a pack of 20 little clips. I put all this stuff into their baskets and they just loved it! They brought their basket of goodies up and down the stairs, doing their hair,tending to put on makeup. It was a big hit and now while I'm doing my makeup, they can be doing theirs. It cost me $9.00! (two mirrors, two baskets, 12 pack of combs, 20 clips, two makeup brush sets, and 6 hair bands)

   It didn't cost a lot at all and it was a really great surprise my girls have been playing with. I am getting my moneys worth out of the deal! It would also be a great gift, get some extra things to throw in there, maybe some clear lip gloss. Hey if you have boys. Get them a basket and buy a few like cop kits or something! 


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