Hey Everybody

       Who all ready for FALL! I know I am. I love this time of year. Well I hope ya'll have a good day! I got some great products coming up for you all!

Ben and Jerry's


   Summer is just about over, That doesn't mean you have to stop eating it! Ben and Jerry's has so many different types, its an adventure just picking out your flavor!

Ben and Jerry's started out of a gas station. After investing a small fee in a class for ice cream making at Penn State. Ben and Jerry both used their savings and a small bank loan to get it started! It wasn't too long till they had lines out the door! Talk about coming up with something on a whim and two awesome guys who gave us the chunky, creamy ice cream we have now!

Yummy Dinner Idea!


     It was a beautiful day outside here in Lancaster, Pa. We wanted to grill, love grilling! We wanted to make something fast but great tasting!Find out exactly what we made by reading more!

Cheap Fun Idea For Girls


     So "THEE" best place I like to find cheap fun things to do is the dollar store! I like to think I'm creative in coming up with awesome decor or just something for a rainy day! Keep reading to see what awesome idea I came up with for my girls! 

Cookies Make Everyone Smile


I am quiting my job for a job in a different company! I hate to leave and I'll miss all my co-workers! I made this little gift for my two bosses, one of the secretary's, and The awesome lady who hired me! This was a simple gift to make for anyone who has a sweet tooth! Feel free to use your own cookies!

First I bought some Jars, that I thought were cute! I choose what cookies to make to go inside the jars!

Kitchen Back Splash

      So since Lowes was having a good sale on back splash. We choose to redo out kitchen!
Heres our progress so far! We did the work all by ourselves, a true DIY project like the rest of the house!

Read More to see what it looks like

Beautiful Day!

So we went to the park for a picnic! I got some good pictures! Thought they'd be fun to share.

Giant Slide They Insisted To Go Down 20,000 Times!
Click To See More!

Cheap Homemade Decor


     So I was bored! Since we bought a new house. We have to certainly budget our money now! I took my butt down to the local dollar store to see what I could come up with! I made these two candle holders and vase for 4.00! That includes the rocks and candles! Check out your local store and think up some crafty easy ideas!