So, I have an awesome site for you guys today!! Most of you all have kids and with kids come lots of expensive. Not to mention on special holidays, everyone wants pictures. Pictures mean, nice clothes. I myself love buying clothes for my kids but I usually opt out of buying am expensive outfit for a one time wear. So clothing for Birthdays, Holidays, special contests, and so much. Bebarang has come up with a great solution.

Tip Top Sage Off Shoulder Dress Bonnie Baby Gray Multi Print Empire Dress 

The whole idea of their site is to help parents like me, afford wonderful beautiful clothes for my kids without the price tag. Bebarang lets you rent an outfit for all occasions for about the price of 10.00. What I love about Bebarang is they have so many different outfits. They have pretty dress, fancy smancy, and even pageant dress. Currently they offer 12 month to size 6.  Basically, Bebarang sends you the dress and prepaid envelope on the day you wish for it to be delivered. If your worried about your child say spilling grape juice on it and paying for that outfit. Just add int he extra 2.00 and your all covered, they will take care of the rest. The whole site is super easy to navigate as well.

Lito Red Plaid Vest Set Cora Blue Sweater Vest Set

My daughter loves to be in super pretty dress, she thinks she is "hot stuff". This not only saves the money and time for me to clean the dress but give your the perfect outfit for that special day all year long! Check out Just see what they have to offer. It's also affordable for about everyone!

Bonnie Jean Aqua Mesh-Overlay Bubble Dress Pink Princess Black Three Layer Organza Dress

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