My shopping experience was nice going to Walmart for Centrum! I never knew just how many different vitamins there are. They were easy to find and seemed really popular considering the low supply. I take vitamins to just stay healthy. I do not always eat as well as I should so taking supplements helps a lot. It especially helps when you are nursing. While Walmart is convenient it is sometimes dirty where I live. It would be nice if they were in stock more on lots of products and much cleaner of a store.



So, I have an awesome site for you guys today!! Most of you all have kids and with kids come lots of expensive. Not to mention on special holidays, everyone wants pictures. Pictures mean, nice clothes. I myself love buying clothes for my kids but I usually opt out of buying am expensive outfit for a one time wear. So clothing for Birthdays, Holidays, special contests, and so much. Bebarang has come up with a great solution.

Activia Giveaway

Have you heard that Activia is introducing new Greek yogurt and French yogurt? I love Activia because it tastes great and keeps me feeling good!


Kiki's Fashions Giveaway

Are you looking for some quality maternity clothes that won't break the bank? Then Kiki's Fashions is for you! They offer adorable clothing for very reasonable prices. They are having a sale right now so if you enter the code FALL47 you get 25% off your entire order. They also offer free shipping on all US orders over 75.00 with the FALL47 code.

OtterBox G/A

So are you in the market for a phone case to protect well your "life link" at times! My phone is attached to my hip, If I am not making calls at home. I am checking email on the go! Busy, busy bee I am! I also Love to watch my Netflix on it in bed or play some solitaire. SO keeping my phone is working, not broken order is important to me. OtterBox just might have something for you!

Zoobies G/A

Zoobies are the mix of a stuffed animal and blanket! They are way better! The blanket folds up small and fit right into the stuffed animal to make a nice pillow for car rides. The blanket pulls out and you child is still left a stuffed animal to snuggle during night time. Zoobies are also great for nap time, over nights at a friends and so much more. they are super soft and have the perfect size blanket! They do offer the regular size Zoobie or a mini one for a small infant. They also have Slumber Pets and Story Time Pals.

Therapon Skin Health

Therapon Skin Health

Therapon Skin Health is remarkable in every way! The products are never tested on animals. They provide awesome product to help make us have wonderful skin, no matter the issue!

Tea Collection

Shopping for back to school clothing! Tea Collection has a bunch of styles to bring out that little citizen in your child! They offer clothing for kids from infant and women's clothing. They have a very unique style but a style that works. They are cute, durable, and something you can wear everyday.

Glasses USA

GlassesUSA.com - Professional optics online

About ¾ of the American population wears glasses for some type of vision correction. Some wear them just for reading while others wear them because they are far sighted or near sighted. Either way buying prescription eyeglasses can be expensive especially when your prescription might change in a year. Most people who wear glasses like their glasses to be stylish and reflect their personalities as well but don’t want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it.

Rally For Recess

School are now trying to cut recess down or get rid of it completely.  Children have lost on average 8 hour a week of recess time due to limited resources. If anything that should be less resources, All the teacher gotta do is make sure things go smoothly. not like they are throwing pencils around. Anyway the American Academy Of  Pediatricians, "The lack of playtime is a national crisis leading to obesity. The government and public health agencies recommend 60 minutes a day of mild to strenuous  activity each day. I know in school, we were lucky to get 30 minutes of lunch time.

ReNew Life

ReNew Life has some great products to help with everyday life. Are you looking for something to help move poo. Well They have it! They had a great contest going on called "How Does Poo Move You?" You can watch the finalist and also watch all the funny videos people submitted.


Say Cheese! Your child could be the next pediped® star!

pediped® footwear announces  first annual Casting Call contest

Rylees Hair Dryers

Rylees - the best for your hair

Are you in need a great hair dryer for this coming winter. I know I don't wanna walk outside in the cold with a wet head. Burr!!! Karmin not only offers great flat irons but also the best hair dryer. now I know some of you may not be looking for a hair dryer but they are worth a check out, soon enough your gonna need a new one! Rylees offers the best hair dryers.


Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Rylees offer some great products for your hair! They have hair tools, hair care, styling products, and extensions. While they offer some great products They have the Karmin G3 flat iron, which happens to be the best hair straightener . I have on myself and love it! It's glides through my hair smoothly and doesn't pull any out! Love it!


Let me introduce you to Sprout

This is all about the Fish Leather Watch! 

"We find inspiration for our eco-friendly materials in all areas of nature – corn fields, bamboo forests – and in the case of our exotic fish skins, the big blue sea.  Fish skins are an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather because ocean leather manufacturers use the by-product of the skin from fish farmers who are catching non-endangered species for human consumption. Think about how much Salmon is eaten worldwide. That’s a lot of skins that would otherwise be discarded and wasted! Fish skin is praised as being one of the strongest leathers on earth, as well as having an uncanny elasticity. The skins are pliable, durable, beautifully textured and amazingly luxurious and because of the uniqueness of the patterns, no two skins are exactly alike.  At Sprout, we love the idea of turning trash into something exotic and beautiful!"

Feeling USA

Mens Lingerie and Sleepwear Short Satin Robe - Discount

Adult Only! 18+ older to enter. Website sells underwear +