Sweet Potato Fries Shop #OreldaFries

We went shopping at Sam's Club for Heinz Sweet Potato Fries. I love Sam's Club. The prices are great and I love to buy in bulk when it saves me money. We were shopping around a lot and checking out the whole store. I love that you can get gifts and food all in the same place. One stop shop in my book!  While I was searching for some sweet potato fries, I can across some awesome deals! Like a HUGE box of eggo waffles for just under 8 bucks! I also saw some Fruit Simple in packs of two. I bought some fruit simple previously and loved it, so I snatched up some for the way home! I also got  a big box of cereal. They also had some really fun looking products like a small trampoline and of course the electronic section!

The workers in Sam's club were really nice and all smiles. We had a fun time I guess you could say shopping. I went shopping with my friend, her husband, and our kiddos. We took a picture of our awesome stroller at Sam's Club. Sam's club is so big, yes you can bring a stroller in and have plenty of room to stroll around. They also offer huge carts to fill!

When we got their they were out of sweet potato fries! So we were at a loss. I saw some other sweet potato fries there but the Heinz looked better. So I was disappointed they did not have anymore when I was told earlier that day they did. All to convenient the Walmart was across the street and I bought a bag. We had some chicken nuggets, corn, Heinz Or-elda Sweet Potato Fries with fluff dipping sauce. Yes, we bought some marshmallow fluff to dip the fries in. My kids loved it! There were no fries left on the pan! I love the fries too, they are crispy and well I also love sweet potatoes, so thats a double score! These will be  fries we buy often for quick dinners.

This shop has been compensated as part of a #OreIdaFries shopping mission for Heinz with #collectiveBais  All opinions are mine and 100% honest.


  1. Oh, no I'm out of fries! I read your post and got really hungry for some Orieda Sweet Potato fries! I've tried the Alexa brand you had pictured, but hands down Orieda wins again! But, I havent tried them with marsmallow, can i use the marshmallow fluff in a jar? Oh, my stomach is rumbling, must go, off to buy some fries for dinner!


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