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This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Straight Talk phones give you everything you need in a cell phone. They offer great low monthly plans. Heres the great news, no contract. They offer phones from with touch screen and app capability. Just imagine all the money you would save with buying one of these phones. With monthly cost at about $45.00 for unlimited calls, texts, picture and web messaging.
My old phone bill use to be $180.00. If I was paying $45.00 a month with Straight Talk phones, then I would have over 100 to spend on whatever I wanted.  That's a pair of shoes, MP3 player, Video game, and so much more. Imagine all the money you could save in a year. No Contracts, Surprise Bill, or credit checks. Did I mention there is no early termination fee. You can call a friend and talk for hours without it costing you a dime, should I say even a penny. 

Maybe you have a kid going off to school, we all know our pockets are broke already from paying for that. Add in a college kid. If you did not pay for their phone bill or they had an affordable phone, you would never talk to them. mom knows best when it comes to kids, so the cheaper and more for your money in a cell phone is what saves mom from a heart attack.
Straight Talk phones are like any other phone but cheaper. They have phones with camera, mp3 players and  more. They also include 411 for free with your plan. In the end it all sums up to Hook, line and sinker.

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