GP: Baby Shower Cakes

My best friend is pregnant so I have been searching for baby shower cake ideas. I know that it is going to be the main staple of the shower so I want it to be amazing. I do have a degree in culinary arts but I have only done a couple of children's cakes and never a baby shower one. How adorable are these?

Photo Credit-Cake Central

I love Winnie The Pooh so I am a bit partial but the detail on this cake is amazing! What do you think?

Photo Credit: From Cake Wrecks
 I am not sure what it is about this cake but I love it! Maybe it's the way it defies gravity or the detail of it, I am not sure. The baby on the top is just adorable!

Photo Credit: Angel City Cakes
 I love the detail in this cake. The animals are just too cute! I also love how the "fence" was created.

Photo Credit Cake Fixation
Not a baby shower cake but this cake is amazing! The details are so delicate and the colors it just WOW to me.

What do you think? Was your baby shower cake just a simple one or elaborate like these?

(GP: Guest post by Liz writer at All In One Mom)


  1. WOW this is sooo cute, I like the first two the most, we did not have anything like this at my shower come to think about it i dont think we had cake at all

  2. These are so great! Such talent! :)

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