#DogCollarCharms Spruce up your doggy!

Dog Collar Charms

Dog Collar Charms are a new way to personalize a little way to make your dog sparkle. These are really a great idea. I love that you can insert any picture you'd like! The dog charm, when I got it was really nice and neat looking.

The process was really easy! It takes 3 simple steps......

  • Upload A Picture
  • Choose your charm color
  • Attach to your dogs collar

It is really an easy process and you can make the pictures in black and white but adjust the brightness and contrast. The check out was really fast as well. The product also shipped and was at my door step in a few days. The dog charms are spot on and a great add on for a family pet or your only pet. 

The only thing I would improve on the charms themselves is to maybe be an option to get the picture in color. Have a bigger ring for attaching the collar to the charm. Also a place on the back to add an address and telephone number in case the dog was lost.  These are some really fun to customized dog charms

You also get to choose a color from above to be the border of your charm! I would like maybe a few more options for color but these get the gist of colors and I like all the colors. Even maybe a decorative boarder like dog bones would be cool option. We love our dog and spoil her for being a family dog and this charm would be a nice little add on to her collar. They do seem a bit pricey and I most likely would not buy at 25.00 each. I could easily see a persona that only has a dog and that dog is their "kid". If you just spoiled your dog and liked this kind of stuff. If it had an add on like address, phone, or name spot. I would buy it for 25.00 because it had that add feature that I need for my little dog to have on her collar in case she does get lost. I do love the charms and they are worth the money and the best part is the company offers free shipping. I deter from buying many products online because I hate paying for shipping. 

My doggy has not been to the groomer yet, So she has really long hair.She is a Pekingese (toy). So you have ot find the charm in her hair right now but she will be trimmed soon and be showing it off!! 



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