#DogCollarCharms Part #2

Dog Collar Charms was a really fun product to try out. You got to personalize something for your doggy! It took only 3 simple steps to compete and get it. It was easy to upload a picture and pick a color. The shipping was super fast and free. The charms are great quality and well made! I got to give some out to the locals around where I live. Recently has been really bad weather where I live and rainy. Plus getting off for work! IT was a hard 2 weeks to get to the doggy park. We got to give one away to a lady with a golden retriever. I also gave one to a couple I saw walking their dog. Everyone loved them and thought they were just great! They both said what a clever Idea "why didn't I think of that".

One couple had no complaints and asked about the site and what kind of pictures to put on it. They wanted a way to tell their family they were engaged "When they got engaged" They were like a little message or a picture of the ring on their dog would be a great way for their parents to notice at the next barbecue. What a cute idea. Also The lady with the golden retriever said she would of liked a bigger ring. Her dog is big and had a big thick collar and the tiny ring on the charm just didn't cut it. We had to pry it open to be able to get i on the collars ring. Other then those comments, they were a hit. I also got the I wish you could add an address in case. They both loved them and said they were staying on their dog. Get your pup a Dog Collar Charm, they will love you for it!... no, but they will look super cute!

I had a lot of fun sharing and talking to the dog owners I met. I know they will pass along the products info to their friends and hey, I might just see them again!  My dog always gets lots of attention and I am sure people will notice her awesome cute collar charm! I must mention again! FREE SHIPPING!!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.

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