The Walmart Ice Cream Social #theicecreamsocial

We went to the Walmart Ice Cream Social to check out the combination of Edy's, Nesquick, and Redi-Whip Cream tasted. Let's just say it was amazing. We ourselves went out and bought some Edy's ice cream, nesquick chocolate syrup, Whip cream, sprinkles, and cherries.

We were shopping for ice cream to have for Memorial day and enjoy on a hot summer night! We usually only get ice cream once in awhile or just because its a nice treat to have in summer time. I went shopping with my sister in law and kids. We had a hard time picking a flavor of Edy's Ice cream. IT would of been nice to see more flavors but we had a hard time picking as it is. It is always fun to see weird flavors. I think it would be nice to see like a tropical mix and some chunks of fruit in that ice cream with some coconut shavings! 

The in store Demo was great, The people were great, the treat was great. I also did not think that Nesquick would be as good as it was on ice cream. The only thing that stunk was we got there at like 5pm and had to wait a good half hour for the ice cream to be set up and ready top serve. The crowd and conversation with the workers made up for the time we spent waiting! 

The trip was all in all good. Once we got to try some ice cream, we were defeintly in the mood to buy some! It would been nice to see the Ice Cream Social "near the ice cream or near the Edy's Ice cream. It was kind of just in the middle of the store, not near anything you'd want to buy. IT would of been cool to see the different kinds of ice cream while we had a sampling.  O, They really should move the Nesquick near the Hershey's syrup. In my Walmart store we had to hunt it down and It was not where I thought it would of been.  We really enjoyed out time at The Walmart Ice Cream Social. 


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MORe pics for you looking since This Moment is currently down! 


  1. AWWWE!, you made a trip to boring Wal-Mart seem really fun! You're girls are sooooo flipppppin CUTE!!!!!

  2. Freakin good! Walmart got us there.

  3. I never thought people would get that crazy about it. Well, can't blame them.


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