Prada to Nada! Kmart Shopping Trip!

I recently watched the movie "From Prada To Nada" The gist of the movie is about two completely different sisters (one shops on Rodeo drive everyday, the other is in law school). While soon after their father's Birthday he passes away suddenly and unexpected. Little did they know he not only was bank rupt (kept it form them to save their worries) but he also had an affair and they had a half brother they did not know about until the day of the funeral. That day the brother and his greedy sister came in and bought the house they grew up in only for the sister to force them out with rudeness. They moved into a getto and their lives change for the better all though it doesn't play out all smooth. 

It was a good movie. I have seen movies like this before but this was a god watch. You can easily rent the movie from redbox for a 1.00 a night! I thought some parts were funny and they could of made it a little better but all in all it was about family in the end and not to judge a book by their cover "thats what I got out of it" It also was a great watch to know that you CAN get the same look but for less. Reason for my Kmart trip! Fun times and it didn't break the bank!

I was out and after going to lunch we choose to stop at a local Kmart and have some fun. I have many outfits I could add too like a cute pair of shoes, hats, sun glasses, and jewelry. I purchased two tank tops and one t shirt. I loved the tank tops and for 4.95 each I got two t wear with multiple shirts! I also got th blue shirt in the pictures because I can dress it up easily with jewelry, glasses, cute pair of jeans, etc. It all cost me about $20.00. I changed into my new shirt wen I got in the car to wear to dinner! I am actually still wearing it as I type this up! 

I went to my local Kmart in Lancaster, near our outlets! It was not busy for being in a busy area! When checking out. before I could buy anything Kmart had a survey questions. I had to answer how likely I was to recommend Kmart to my friends. I said LIKELY of course! I had a fun time shopping! I really enjoyed my trip! I loved all the low prices and seeing sale signs all over! I had a blast with my friend while not spending a lot and getting new looks and something to go home with to use many more times. For my next shopping trip I might looks for some coupons from the Kmart add in Sunday's paper to get even more of a sale! 

So my whole trip was based off the movie from Prada to Nada! I got a great look any super star could be wearing for a less then superstar price! I liked the movie and love to look good while not breaking my bank account! Looking good also makes me feel more confident! 

CAN YOU FIND ME! +1 brownie!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.
This is all my opinion and honest! 


  1. OMG - I can see you are a REAL shopper. Talk about having fun. It's nice to see an honest review of a movie as well. :-)

  2. Priscilla, You're such a cutie!
    I'd soooo be rocking a cowgirl hat with you! LOL!

  3. I have to say you have GORGEOUS hair!!!!

  4. newest follower from the hop look forward to reading more great posts


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