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WOW! What a great deal for Lunchable lovers. Not only did I love these as a kid, I buy them for my kid! At my local giant they are on sale for ranges of 2 for 4, 2.69, 3,29 and more. Coupons came out in this past Sundays paper for 1.00 off any Lunchable with fruit or Oscar Myer sandwich. Well Giant happens to have a great deals as well. If you buy 3 of any of the above mention lunchables. you save 3.00 instanly!

For instance the 2 for 4.00 ones. You get 3 of them for 6.00 and save 3.00 instantly. So really your buying 3 of them for about the price of one!  If you have the those coupons. You could get some for free. I buy about 3-6 newspapers a week. So I had 6 coupons!

I also added in 2packs of (2bars in a pack) safeguard soap, roll of paper towels, toilet paper, and Tobasco sauce! I got all this for $6.00!

-Coupons I had

-50 cent off tobasco sauce

-dollar off any oscar myer sandwich combo

-1.00 any lunchable with fruit

-1.00 off any oscar myer sandwich, flatbread, sub, or cracker

-1.00 off any safe guard hand soap

(they may vary and I am going off of memory! )


You know what ticks me off! I am newer to couponing. I have been learning the ropes from my best friend also owner of Real Mom Reviews(DOT NET) We live about 20 minutes form eachother. We got to different giants. My giant was ALMOST wiped out of lunchables of all kinds.

My friend fund out from her giant that some other couponer came in and bought all the lunchables she could in the tri-state area! Now, that is over doing it and giving every one a bad vibe. If you are new to couponing, PLEASE don't clear the shelves.

I know 200 bottles of ketchup look nice and it;s fun to say you got it for free. Really, do you use 200 bottles? Prob. NOT! Please be considerate of the people that do it because they truly need to save money, like to save money, or just for fun! Because of the new TLC show and all the new couponers, it will be a matter of time when your limited to the amount of papers we buy, how many coupons we can use! AHH OK, Vent done!

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