B Toys

B Toys toys are really a great toy to buy. They care about the children and spend time creating toys to make their imagination go crazy. They also care about the environment and make sure to use recycled/able packaging.

At the end of the day, our goal is to be bigger than a toy company.
We want to be a voice to children that says it’s okay to be curious, to be pensive, to be loud, to be happy and sad all at the same time, to be generous, to be afraid, to be quiet, to be wild, to be fun, to be open, to be scientific, to be poetic, to be giddy, to be serious, to be smart, to be free, to be you.

They even have boxes that can wrap themselves and there for
saving you money and the environment!

Their toys also come with some really great little books. These little books have quotes in it that children have said. Some are really funny! Like " MOM says: Look it's the capitol building SON says: O, great, Wheres the Lower Case building?"

One really inspirational one is : It's ok if your dream doesn't come true, you know why, because we can just make new ones!"

I love these toys and they have been really sturdy and fun! We got Parum Pum Pum, H2-Whoa, and Poppittoppy. There are all great toys!

This was a fun toy for my 9 month old and 2 year old. It is still providing a ton of fun! We can all play together and share the different toys. They all can be easily stored in the drum when play time is over! Really love this one! 

This was by far my daughters favorite. It not only has one side to color on but another side is a bright orange. The pens fill up with water, so no mess. There is a little spot to keep all the pens as well. The drawing board is hard and kind of a canvas material. This is a really sturdy toy and great for at the house, grandmoms, or the car ride! We use this a lot in the car. I even like playing on it. Because there are two different sides and show two different looks! 

This is just for my 9 month old, even thou my oldest loves it too. The balls are great and don;t make a ton of noise and it is really colorful and easy to press. Makes my baby really happy! She loves the little guys head on top too. 

All of the toys I got were just awesome! They are well worth what you will be paying and the company takes so much into account other then play. They care! They have some great toy that will provide hours and days of fun. B toys toys are toys to have for the long run! I highly suggest this toy brand. I have already bought some more from target and we are loving them. 

FTC: I received one or more of the mentioned above products for review. I received no compensation for my honest opinion on the products.


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