Exederm is a really great line of products! This product is gear to all skin types! They took out all the ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin! This really is great for people or kids with eczema, dermatitis, and sensitive skin. They really took all the guess work out of choseing a great product to help with sensitive skin. This is really a skin care line that is made for delicate skin.

I received a variety of this line and love them all so far! I even like using it. It has cleared up my little bit of eczema on my arm. My daughter loves the bubble bath and I don't have to worry about a bad rash or diaper rash later. We really have grow attached to this brand of skin care. My daughter has really sensitive skin and I hate when she breaks out or is uncomfortable in any way. This has really been a life saver. The skin soaks it up and makes it all great! These are a little bit more pricier then other products out there on the market. This is a product for truly sensitive skin and will really work. I would spend 10.00 on a 2oz tube of lotion if that meant it was really going to help with my daughters skin. It is nice to give a bubble bath, lotion up those dry knees from crawling all day, or even help clear the Dermatitis. Exederm is well worth the price you pay and can't put a price on happiness!

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Discloure" I received the above product for review purposes. I gave my honest opinion. I did not receive any monetary compensation for doing so.  

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  1. Love this product! We use it for my 5 year daughter.


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