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Our Space Science Experiment!

I explained to my daughter about the universe and showed her some pictures. I also opened up google earth and showed her the world! You can also see the moons surface! How cool right. She kept pointing, laughing, and covering her mouth! We even looked up our house and found it on the earth!

I then was trying to explain colors. She gets some of them. Her being almost 3, She still has a little growing up to do! My daughter learned how to rub the glue stick on and place something on it. She learned that licking it, is not good! The project we  did was to look on Google Earth and see what our planet looks likes and what our house would look like from space! 

We used Elmers Tri-Fold Poster Board, X-TREME glue, newspaper, colored pencils, and a grocery bag. These supplies were great to use because we recycled some and made fun out of trash. 


  • Drew a big circle on the poster board
  • Covered the circle with X-TREME Elmer;s Glue. 
  • Stuck on the (mom pre-cut) newspaper peices
  • Repeat for the moon. 
  • Glued down the Asteroids
  • Colored in our spacehsips 
  • YOUR DONE!! 
This was a fun project to do with my daughter. It makes more excited about her starting school and being able to help her with projects. It is also a little sad  because she is getting so big! My favorite thing about Elmer's products are they are acid free and toxic free. When she does start school this will be on my shopping list! 

Check out my This Moment Slide SHOW, To see all the pictures! CLICK HERE TO VIEW

“This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #ElmersScienceReady #collectivebias”

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