I got all this for  $2.10. 

I cannot take credit for finding this deal. Real Mom Reviews (my best friend took me couponing with her! There for telling what to do and how to do it!) So she is to thank! (she actually got 3 cards, two rolls of toilet paper, and one flushable wipe case for .2 cents)!

I paid 70 cents per transaction! (one Transaction) is one hair product, 3 cards, one pack of refill wipes, and one toilet paper roll, from Scott) 

I was able to do all this because I bought 3 99Cent cards from hallmark therefore printing out a 5.00 coupon off my next giant purchase, I also bought two different scott products(one toilet paper roll, one refill wipes) and got a 2.00 coupon from Scott. I also had a 3.00 coupon off John Fredia. (john Frieda shampoo and conditionair were 5.99 but 4.99 with my giant card.(so the coupon took 3.00 off that making it 1.99)

GO Check out REAL MOM REVIEWS! she has all the ideas!


  1. I wish I knew how to do this!!!!! Your nuts, good for you!

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