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So those that are blogger often get the question. "How many unique visitors do you have?" When I started blogging. I dreaded this question. I often would not reply or reply with well my number is this but....

Ahh the good old Google Analytics! I can track where all my traffic comes from. How googles my website on google, how they google it. I can also see If I get hits off another website. Say you have my button on your blog and someone reading your blog clicks it. If that person hasn't been to my site before that counts as one hit!

I started out with about 2,00 hits month then it was 4,000, then 6,000. It is holding steady at about 5-8,000 per month. Now, those numbers may seem good. companies often want to see 5,000 or more. Other companies 5,000 (if we are talking the value of money) Is more like $2.00.

Now, There are all sorts of ways to track hits. None of which always match up. There is Alexa,, google analytics, and I am sure there are more. Why these numbers are easy and hard to come by. They are annoying! If I do not post for a long time, my numbers go down, If I don't facebook, twitter, or anything. My numbers go down. SO I have to work really hard to keep my blog up to date and fresh and new topics. On my end, it gets strenuous. Always having things to do. I love it. It is honestly kind of a rush! I love blogging and I love helping people. I get about 4 emails a week asking me questions on how to starts a blog like mine. Can I help them do something. Can I make a design. All sorts of thing!

I just also wanted to note because I have to cut this short as kids are calling!! On Mondays No matter how active I am. I always get spikes in my traffic during that day! My numbers go up!

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  1. I was looking at my stats a couple days ago and noticed a Google Search that lead to my page.... the search was "boys naked some images"-- EEEWWW!
    Times like that I am glad to NOT know about log traffic.

  2. That is interesting. I never had anything like that happen to me!

  3. This is really interesting. I like to look at my Stats and find out where my traffic comes from. I'm really starting to get into blogging and I'd blog even if I didn't get paid for it. Getting paid for it is an extra bonus though. I love being able to document my life with my family and support other bloggers too!

  4. I am very new to blogging (on my own although I have been a contributor for awhile)and have no idea about all this traffic tracking and such! Thanks for some tips! If you have a chance to explain alexa I would appreciate it! Thanks!
    ecobabymamadrama at gmail dot com

  5. You've been such an awesome friend and I thank you so much for all of your help!! I am honestly feeling very blessed to have met you!! I cannot wait to do the Birthday Bash with you!

  6. I love blogging too, glad you like it too. Definitely a rush haha :)

  7. @following you from the hop

  8. I love blogging, but haven't really spruced up my blog the way I would like too. It seems so complicated creating buttons and all this stuff. Hopefully, one day I will figure it out! Thanks for the blog.

  9. You have helped me out so much and if there is anything I can do to help you just let me know!! Good luck with everything!!!


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