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I found some awesome website! Patch It Together is a site for some truly unique products. They not only involve the people in their community but also by giving them a voice about the products. This is a company that is involved in everything and knows everything down to how many machine they have in their manufacturer. This company can bring any character to life!

  Lil Dino 

The one product that caught my eye while search this site was the Chumbuddy "Sleeping Bag". This is a Giant Stuffed shark with a open mouth you can easily slide into and be nice and warm! It cost around 250.00 for it to be delivered fully stuffed! They also have the Chumbuddy Skin available for 99.00 if you want to buy it and then stuff it yourself. Maybe you want this guy but don't have room or you just want it more of a small kid size.The Chumbuddy Body Pillow is a great alternative! It is still big and nice and cozy! Also there is plenty of room to fit a 2 year old down it's mouth. This product we had so much fun with! My husband and I were playing in it. He is putting it on his head and arm. My daughter loves to crawl inside it's mouth. This is a great quality product that won;t fall apart. It is nice and stuffed and will take some hard play to wear this guy down! A fun product for some great imagination play!


Patch It Together also makes toy figures and t-shirts. This site also has some great opportunities for the artsy person! They have deadlines to design a toy for a certain reason, or a t-shirt containing their one symbol, as well as color it kind of chance! Patch it together is a fun site to not only shop but browse around and get involved! I suggest checking them out and getting to know their community

Even Our Cat Find It a Cozy Hide-out! 


  1. Done.... These are so cute I want to get one when I have extra funds

  2. Done!!! I love those! LOL! I added them to the BBQ grill giveaway!

  3. I followed on twitter and followed the blog.


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