Do you like extra entries into my giveaways! Then you will want to read this new thing I am trying. 

How do brownie points work? 

This is just something a little extra special for all the followers and readers I have that go the extra mile to compliment me on my wall. Do an extra share on facebook/twitter. Maybe even do something I asked them too (like like a link or page). Or If I notice you more, you doing more, I will call out brownie points. 

So for all the people who like to suck up, go the extra mile, or genially enjoy my blog. This will be a great way to get some surprise extra entries into any giveaway.

I will reward people I see doing  some extra steps, always commenting my the giveaways. (You don't go unnoticed) I will give out anywhere from 1-5 brownie points. You can save up all your brownie points till the end of the month or use it right then and there. (there is nothing saying if I am in a great mood and want to reward 10 brownie points, I just might) 

Also maybe your a new follower, let me know! There might be a brownie point for you! Hopefully this will get people more interacted on facebook, twitter, and the blog. Always feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or just wanna say hi! 

I love hearing from you guys and I really appreciate the nice comments and extra effort from all you! 

The Reward 
& How to Claim

If you get a response from me on twitter, facebook or wherever and I say +1 brownie point or more. Just enter Brownie Point into the comment form to the giveaway you'd like to use it on.

Disclaimer: I can't guarantee everyone will get brownie points or they simply wouldn't be for just fun. I want this to be fun. People want to do it. So therefore you may do something and not get a brownie point. You may do things and always get a brownie point! It's just the right timing! So have fun, Enjoy yourself, and Win some stuff!


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  2. Awesome! I wish chocolate was also involved! I'll take brownies as well as points :)

  3. Ok, this has NOTHING to do with brownie points, but I wanted to let you know that because I love your page so much I gave you an award on my blog!! Come check it out if you want to!

  4. I'm a new follower and I'm loving your blog!

  5. I totally love this idea. What a great way reward your followers.


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