Which of these topics do you or your friends talk about most?

I answered kids and family. Most anyone I talk too we always bring up something with our kids or our family. Always never fails. I think It would be hard to go a day and not talk about your family or kids! What do you all think and what did you choose?

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  • Career
  • Clothes/Product
  • Current Events/Product
  • Kids/Family
  • Money
  • Relationships/Spouse
  • Sex
  • Travel/Social Plans/Logistics
  • Other


  1. For me it's a toss up between kids/family and money (ugh)

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  2. With all my mommy friends, the conversation always leads back to kids and family, even if its just a mommy night!! With some of my non-mommy friends we will talk about my kids some of the time, but mostly the conversation will turn towards food or crafts or places we want to go and things we want to do!!


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