Temptations by Jello- At Home Mixes

Jello has been coming out with some really tasty low calorie treats. Temptations by Jello now lets you make a delicious treat in your very own kitchen. It literally takes seconds to make and only a short time to chill. Temptations by Jello at Home Mixes really are a great way to treat yourself or entertain guest. No one has to feel guilty about eating and indulging in one because they are  only 150 calories or less per serving.


Inside the box there are two packages. One with the chocolate topping and you put that in warm water to make it easy to pour. The other package that you mix with about 3 1/4 cups of milk. I don't have a fancy kitchen aid or anything, so I used my mighty whisk! It turned out perfect. Your suppose to whip it up for about two minutes and right away it took, the texture and look was suppose to look fluffy, smooth, and rich. It was so good looking, I had to taste some. It was great. It definitely didn't taste like something I made at home. The topping was really a great bonus. It says to harden for a 30 minutes but it was ready in no time. The topping hardened and it was just amazing. I told my husband this is my new treat.


Temptations by Jello At Home Mixes not only taste amazing, they clean up easy, and can be whipped up in no time. Talk about a great anytime snack.The At home mixes come in Boston Creme Pie, Chocolate Mousse Decadence, and  My favorite Chocolate Truffle Indulgence. The chocolate Truffle Indulgence was so good and I think for a couple bucks, you should grab a box soon and try some at home! You will have people thinking you slaved all day making some great dessert and when you tell them just how many calories it is, they will love it even more!


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