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Stokke has become a name all too familiar to me. It is a name brand company and well known. They offer great, innovative, safe baby products that are a great investment. All their products grow with your child. For example you are purchasing a changing table but also a desk for when they get older. It is that way with all their products. Stokke has one amazing stroller that has yet to be beat! The Xplory is a stroller truly ahead of it's time. It allows you to have better interaction with your child as well as better eye contact. Higher is better. Everything on the Stokke Xplory is very much adjustable. The seat can be brought up high enough where you will not be breaking your back to peek at your baby or kiss them. The seat really allows your child to be a great height that lets them view the world from a better perspective and they aren't just looking at people's feet.

The Xplory has many features. Some adjustable parts include: seat, handle, handle height, foot rest, and much more. The Stokke Xplory can also be upgraded at any time easily without buying an entirely new stroller. You can easily change out the textiles and replace them with different colors like the summer or winter kits. It has plenty of ventilation if you want it. This stroller is really the Cadillac of strollers. It can do anything but push itself! The Xplory offers so many benefits for mom and baby it is really a must have stroller. You can easily push the Xplory in the sand, grass, and sidewalk without any issues. The wheels are nice and sturdy . You may look at the stroller and think it would tip with a 2 year old in it but it is really strong and will not! So now lets look at some key points to this remarkable stroller! It will be the only stroller you'll ever need.

It may not look so intimidating, but it is a beast in disguise

The Stokke Xplory was a conversations starter and show stopper! Everytime we took this baby for a stroll, we were always asked about it. I have been asked in the middle of the mall what it all can do, how much it costs, where can they get one, and I had a person say it was the bomb! I haven't heard that for awhile. This stroller gets attention from tweens all the way to grandparents wanting it for their childrens's children.  I have walked past people saying "O, wow did you see that stroller". Who knew a stroller would be the talk of a mall. There are a ton of strollers out there and this one kicks all the rest to the curb with their bags packed. 

My husband loves pushing the stroller and doesn't mind doing it! We argue over who is pushing it. I always win. The stroller has little clips to attach the changing bag. The seat can be turned to face you or turned to face the world. It is like gliding on water pushing it . It can fit in those tiny little stores that are kid stores, but they don't seem to get that some people use strollers! Yet, making it hard to maneuver without knocking anything down. This stroller is a breeze to get in an out of those tighter spaces. 

Another great plus with the stroller is the seat can be turned at any moment you wish to. With a simple click off and then a click in place, it's done! You can easily pull the stroller up to a table and use it as a high chair and have them eat with you, not below you, or aside you. The stroller has a 5 point harness and will keep your little one tucked away safe and sound! I can make the handle be at my height and easy for my to push or my husband who is slightly taller can move it up to where he is more comfortable pushing it. The handle bar itself is adjustable and super easy to move and get it just how you want. 

Mom Of Two Point Of View: If you couldn't tell, I am in love. Not with just the stroller but everything they offer. All their products are well worth the money spent. It is spent well not only because it will grow with your child and hold up in great condition but also has added benefits for both you and your child. Stokke gives you the freedom to really invest your money into something you will get more from. The workers behind the scene are always kind and willing to help with any questions you have. This stroller is really a great way to start a conversation with anyone. I have been asked so many times where can they get one. What kind of stroller it is. I want to say I feel special when using the Xplory Stroller. Stokke is like a great big family. get one product weather it be the high chair or some nursery furniture, you will be coming back for more. It is a great brand and they stand behind their product. They also make it known about their extended warranty, and it is a generous and valuable one at that. I am now an addict and want it all. I love that if I get bored with the beige color I have now and want pink, I can easily swap it with their available textiles. Say I end up having another baby, I had a pink stokke, I now want a blue, No Problem!! If they upgrade the stokke seat, you can easily purchase another one for it. It is such a versatile stroller. It is a luxury. It was intended for your child of course but why can't mom have something nice to show off besides that beautiful baby in the stroller and something that causes people to over looked that puke, day old hair wash, and mixmatched socks. 

This doesn't make you a super mom  but it sure helps you look like one! 

I also got to review the Rider board and changing bag. The bag is awesome and has plenty of pockets and places to store everything for baby and some for mom neatly. The bag comes with many extras that are great and the fact that it goes perfect with your stroller and attaches right on with ease is also a plus! The bag is great quality! 

On top of that Stokke was generous enough to pass along the rider board. The rider board is great for my 2 year old. It attaches on the stroller and lets your older sibling ride along. My daughter likes to think she is helping push! The board also easily click on and off if you choose to not use it. It also lifts up and can be easily avoided if in the middle of your grand pushing journey you don't want to use it! 

A great video that shows you all top of the line feature.

This companies vision is one that says it all "In the best interest of the child" As a mom everything I do is in the best interest of my child.  Their Xplory allows the parent and child to interact on a more so intimate parenting  level. It allows the child to grow with the parent with strong visual contact and interaction. They strive to create strong, unique, and long lasting products. Stokke has been around since 1932 and going strong. 


Peacefully asleep n the lay down position! 


An ALL terrain stroller!


Theres so much more I keep thinking to add. So I am going to keep adding to this post! In the picture above, you can see how easily the back wheels can fold and be pushed on a different kind of surface. Once your ready for them to be down again, Just push the button and the pop down and click back into place! 

Also spring is right around the corner! They offer some really great summer gear to accessorize your Xplory!

Get your NEW BRAN NEW color while the deal is still good! Lovers of pink and green!

I was also a day late and dollar short but I believe in July around this new seat will be available! Check it out! Just keeps getting more awesome! 

If you'd like to buy one CLICK HERE for your closest store or always look online. Many great sites offer the Xplory. 

Also join their facebook fan pages. Theres always something new to learn or coming out. There pictures being posted all the time. If you;d like to see how it would fit in your car, Check out the Stokke_Lovers on Facebook, they have a lot of pictures with the xplory in trunks. 

Keep watch for new blog post about Stokke, they have random giveaways on their facebook. They also again are always coming out with new colors, etc.

SCORE 10 extra entries into my giveaways if you like them on facebook and compliment them! 

FTC guidelines: I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.


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  4. I did it as well!
    Same ole same ole...all 10 entries in one giveaway?

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  6. The stroller is nice..
    But the baby in it is beautiful!!

  7. The stroller is nice..
    But the baby in it is beautiful!!

  8. I have no need for a stroller any longer but would have loved this one!!

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  12. Amazing strollers!
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  14. This looks like an awesome stroller. To bad I don't have anyone little enough for a stroller anymore. Stopping by from the Alexa blog hop.

  15. I am a stroller fanatic! Sadly, my youngest is 4 so my stroller days are limited only to places like Disney World! This is one stroller that always intrigued me but I never got to try.

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