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Welcome to "Winter Friends" March . 

This is a hop for making friends and meeting other bloggers.

Yes we have a new addition reclaiming the #3 Spot this week. Lets welcome Melissa over at Yes, I have a Coupon. She just started her blog and is looking to share with you her latest finds, coupons and more. I know first hand what an amazing couponer she is. I am looking forward to seeing her blog grow and evolve. 

Now Link up and start hopping..Most of all have fun and find some awesome blogs!

Some more about Carmen and Closer To Lucy
Closer To Lucy
I’m a SAHM (for now) that made a midlife return to school (working on my third psychology degree), I love people, am remarried to the love of my life, and am a Tennessee transplant.

My husband is one of the good guys (Yay me!). I refer to him as MUF (Mr. UnFun) because he’s the serious one which isn’t always fun!

I’m not your average mom and embarrass my kids on a pretty regular basis but only when they deserve it….it’s the most effective form of punishment I know. My mouth gets me in trouble a lot, because the truth hurts.

I’ve been blogging for just over a year, mostly I just ramble and don’t really say much, I’m still surprised when I have high traffic days and my numbers look good. Originally it was all personal stuff; I really just started doing reviews this past fall.

I won a contest on Facebook and the sponsor saw my blog and asked if I’d like to do a giveaway. I had maybe 60 or so followers then…that was six months ago, the growth, and reviews have been a pretty steady flow since. It’s a perfect outlet for me, since I have an opinion on everything. Now (much to my husband’s relief) I have an audience that actually wants to hear it.


Everything happened so fast, I literally couldn’t keep up. I had to ask for help, that’s when I added “Vivian” to my blog. She’s my real life friend and the perfect match for Lucy because she doesn’t usually want the same sponsors that I do. She’s the green mommy blogger (a voice of reason) and I’m the “me time” Queen of everything!



Tell us a little more about your blog?

I blog about anything and everything so I’m not sure how it happened but Closer to Lucy tends to get offers from beauty products sponsors, more self-indulgent types; candles, creams, tea, clothes, and the like. I guess it’s because of my “all about me” mantra. I love to review and especially giveaway items that promote “me time” or looking and feeling good.


Not that I’m arrogant or self-absorbed, really I’m not. I just believe that a little self-indulgence does a lot for the female soul. So often we take care of all the people in our lives and ignore our own needs, “me time” as got to become mandatory or we eventually are no good to those that need us most. Even if “me time” is simply five minutes of respite in a mug of hot tea, a bubble bath, or a glass of wine…we need it.


Any advice for new bloggers?


I don’t have just one go to blogger guru, I have a couple that I’ve met along the way that if I have a question I ask. Most bloggers will share what they know but you have to ask.


I belong to a few blogger groups and get regular updates Pitch it to Me is the one place I make sure I stop in at least daily, the group is more active and forth coming than any of the others.

It’s taken me awhile to learn how to use the resources that are out there, I seriously feel like I’m just scratching the surface. I mean seriously have y’all seen some of the amazing sponsorships out there? That stuff takes some work; it can’t possibly just fall into your lap.

I would encourage new bloggers to get out there join communities and blog hop it’s the fastest way of letting folk know who you are and where to find you!

Any fun fact you would like to share?


I love being female but am a tomboy at heart! There isn’t much inside of a house that I can’t build, paint, or fix. Though I admit I’ve screwed up a thing or two. Home Depot is one of my favorite places to shop….I’m like Tool Man Taylor on the Home Improvement show, I buy tools that I don’t really need but because they are cool or shiny. Hubby has banned me from shopping in those places unsupervised.

I’m a math atheist and have a strong aversion to numbers especially when they get all alphabetized, thrown into pies, and strange software formats. I know that I define the stereotype of math verses woman but it is what it is!

Where can we find you? Ex: Facebook, Twitter addresses etc


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