Awesome Story

  So I had to share this great story with you all.

This happened to me today. My husband and I were going threw an Arbys and when we went to go pay. The girl said the person in front of us bought our meal and said she wanted us to have a blessed day!

My husband and I were in complete shock. We are like both thinking "do we know them" "what just happened"
So we say O wow that was so nice and generous! So we then say, ok well we will pay for the person behind us then too. We paid and had to go pull up to the door and wait for our meal to brought out. The person behind us pulled up and asked if she knew us.

We said no, She then said well Thanks so much. Her little boy was coming hoe from surgery and she was treating him to something good to eat! She said thanks and that she then also paid for the person behind her.

So all in all, it was funny how by one person doing something nice, It continued within that little Arbys line! haha

I thought it was cool and such a nice gesture. I had to share.


  1. I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award :)
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  2. Yeah those things are great when they happen! I get blown away if somebody leaves his/ her cart and and i don't have to give them a quarter! Can understand how you felt!


  3. Pay it forward...awesome way to live life!!!


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