Winter Friends Blog Hop

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Welcome to "Winter Friends" February 2 . 
Week 6

This is a hop for making friends and meeting other bloggers.

 This weeks #4 Spot goes to Kathryn @ Crystal Jigsaw. Be sure to stop by check out her blog and I'm sure she would love for you to stick around and follow.

More about Kathryn And  Crystal Jigsaw

Tell Us a Little About Yourself and why you started Blogging.

I’m a writer looking for a publisher for my paranormal romance. I run a sheep and arable farm in north Northumberland which is in the far north of England. My daughter is autistic. I started blogging almost four years ago when I started planning my novel; it was a platform to get myself known and has just grown from there.

 Tell us a little more about your blog? 
Crystal Jigsaw, which is my main blog, is a family run site where I focus on posts about farming, my daughter, writing and occasionally topical issues. I try to write for an audience rather than just for myself. I have another blog called Marvellous Mable which is used for anything paranormal. I talk about my own experiences and invite other bloggers to guest post theirs too.

How long have you been Blogging? 
It’ll be four years in May!

Any advice for new bloggers? 
Enjoy yourself when you blog. Keep your posts to around two or three paragraphs because there are so many blogs out there, people don’t have time to read them all. If you have a really long blog post you may find yours isn’t being read. Also, go to other blogs, leave comments, share your views and opinions, but stay respectful. Remember that the blog author has taken time to write that post you are reading and appreciates you stopping by. If you leave a good comment, you stand a better chance of having your own blog read. We’re all in this blogging world together and support is often what we need.

Any fun fact you would like to share? 
I have four wonderfully characteristic collies who are my sheep dogs. They are so much fun, I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Where can we find you? Ex: Facebook, Twitter addresses etc 
Main Blog:
Paranormal Blog:


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