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   Besides my husband trying to get our insurance company to drop us! I have been mighty busy! My husband got in a car accident and smashed the kinda bad. It could be a lot worse. But her drove home with two bust tired, smashed front end. Went to sleep and when I was ready to walk out the door the next day. he said he wrecked the car and swears he can not recall whatever happened. He needs his brain checked! The police man was no happy that he did not know what happened. So besides that taking forever to fix, tons of money down the drain. Then our oil tank suddenly running out ALL OF A SUDDEN. It was not suppose to run out yet! Ran out at 4:30AM, when I wanted a nice HOT bubble bath so bad! So we had to pay over 600 to fill that tank up. (My hint for house hunters)"Stay FAR away from oil heated homes, I hate them!"

(HINT) I am 21 and do not drive, LONG story but I will be driving........some day..... My husband bugs me all the time. I just for some reason never cared to get it, till now! Or I am sure I would have crashed many times, I always freak out when he goes over the speed limit buy 2MPH.

He then messes up them back tail light. Long story short, It's gonna cost about 300 to fix that. Then I soo dumbly choose to buy a new Xbox with the Kinect. Well it is tons of fun and I will show you later how fun! He thinks he can NOW play Xbox in my living room! No Way Hozay! That is why we have a designated "Game"room. This new Xbox is mine! Yes ladies I am taking my dibs on it now!  When his Xbox breaks because after not listening to me for the 200000000000 time, our child or children break it, knock it over, etc. We will not be rushing to buy him a new one!

Get this we fight over this "Him not having clean socks" I always tell him I can not read minds, nor do I go in his underwear drawer. SO It's really his job to tell me or for him to throw a load of wash in! I always argue that I was not "Meant" to be a stay at home mom. Don;t get me wrong I love ti for now. I can not deal with waking up to get ready for nothing. doing allll the house chores, everything for my kids and not "deserving" help because I am home all day. My husband if he gets sick will have a sick day. Now, If mom is sick I pray for a 1 minute of sick day! Working mom or not, We do not get get sick days off for caring for our kids!

Besides the series of unfortunate events. We have been doing great :) He is sweet and does my dishes when I complain enough! Nope Just kidding again! He will randomly clean like everything for me and let me take naps, and watch the baby (still working on the changing of diapers) He always has a trick up his sleeve. Like for special holidays he will buy me flowers and candy etc and put them in front of my bed, so when I wake up Thats what I see.  He is a great dad!

He started off by being a great dad when I got pregnant at 18. Yes It was my 12th year in school and I got pregnant 4 months before graduation. I pulled myself together and with all my family behind me. I graduated and made honors. I am proud! His parents were paying for his college.  Here we are today 21 and 23 on our second blessing. Going on our 2 year of marriage and owning our own house! While there are many valleys and hills to climb, I always enjoy a nice HIKE!

So we were also all sick for like a week on top of all this! So i have been less active and just getting ready to start blogging crazy again!  I have some great giveaways for you along with some AMAZING reviews!

SO keep coming back and look for my once in awhile post of life! If you ever have questions for/about anything. Always here to answer!  I am quite random aren't I!

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