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Sodastream | turn water into fresh sparkling water and soda

Soda Stream, A new way of drinking soda! Soda Stream allows you to make your very own soda right on you counter top or kitchen table, maybe even a picnic table outside! It requires no plug and is a great way for you to have to toss away a ton of soda cans. You can easily fit everyone's soda needs with this soda maker. This is really a genuiss product because almost everyone likes to drink soda. The syrups are mighty tastey and  you only need a cap full. This soda also taste fresh when made at home because your making ti on the spot. Maybe you like a little more bubbly, no problem, just add an extra squirt of CO2.

Fountain Jet - Soda Starter Kit

They have flavors that range from sparking water, tea, naturals, energy drink, and of course regular/diet flavors. Some to compare.....

Soda Stream is available online and also in many popular retail stores. They do require a small CO2 tank and you may have to order that online, if not available at the local store. The stores choose what they carry, so it can vary. 

This product not only saves you money for buying soda that gets thrown away but say your feeling a cola drink and then later in the night you want some sprite. With the Soda Stream, you are able to do so because of the convenience. This is a great feature to have a party as well, everyone is able to make their own favorite soda. This product is environmentally friendly because of the way it saves cans and plastic. All you have to do to make the soda is push a button.

Here is a great video review for you all to watch!

Mom of Two Point Of View: I think this is a unique, great product for any soda drinker! I love that they also offer sparkling tea and water. I love how there is no bulky machine to place on your counter, plug, or clean up. The clean up part is great for me, sometimes I just want to grab my drink and have a seat! I really think in the long run it's worth buying for sure. For start up it is gonna cost at least 100 for minimum supplies and each machine is a little more expensive.  With the cheapest being about 80.00 your gonna want to buy that one. I suggest not too. The way you screw in the little bottle to make the soda is to me annoying. It always takes me a minute or two to push the bottom end out, hold it there, and then try to do that while screwing the bottle in. Maybe I am completely uncoordinated but it takes too much time to place that into place. It kinda of looks a lot cheaper then the machine that is the next step up. The out come of the product is really good and taste just like the soda you want. It's all about preference. My favorite is the Cola and Sparkling teas. The other downside is if the store doesn't sell the CO2 tanks you have to buy them online and at 50.00 a pop it seems like a lot. Each tank makes over 60 litters of soda. For the people that love soda or anything bubbly, this is most certainly a must have. The fact that it takes so little room, it's perfect for a huge home or a tiny efficiency.   This is also great for a soda drink all the time or even every once in awhile. I recommended everyone having one of these in their home. You can easily tuck it away when company is over 
or pull it out to start a conversation! This is really a smarter way to enjoy soda!


I received this product for review purposes only and gave my honest opinion.


  1. I want this so bad! It is on my list of things to buy when I have extra cash :) Thanks for the review... You make me want one even more! It does seem a shame you can go to the store to pick up the Co2 tank though... Still want one lol

  2. I love the sodastream! Had the chance to review one just recently :) It IS a conversation piece. I'm a new follower of your blog. If you have a minute I hope you will come by my blog



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