Bright Starts Baby Play Place

Bright Starts Baby Play Place *Deluxe Edition* Is a great time for your little one! It has a ton of different colors and textures and also comes with a great variety of bright start's small toys. It also has extra loops to add on more bright starts toys if you chose to buy more because they are great products for your child!

Baby's Play Place™ Deluxe Edition

The Baby Play Place also comes with a tiny boppy pillow for tummy time! My daughter put it to good use as a pillow. This is really a fun product for any child. The colors are so bright and fun, she will just lay there and stare at them. This is also great for a boy or girl! This play mat can be used from newborn to sitting. The side can all be enclosed, or all open. The Baby Play Place mat is also nice and soft. The toys are all fun for her to grab and chew one.  It also comes with a mirror that you can easily move and have them stare at it for self discovery.


This product is great. I wish I would of purchased it sooner and with all the toys. This is a great travel toy for grandmas too. We have used this while daddy plays Xbox and I cleans up the living room.  It gives me a little bit of free time and her some play time! I love that they can have two sides up and keep her from rolling off or out of it! I esp; love the lady bug that plays 20 songs! I suggest grabbing one next time you see it or even if this one is a bit pricey for you, they have one just like it, a bit small but still great!

You can see the size of it by my 2y/o laying next to her! 

As you can see from the pictures, My daughter had fun playing in it that it wore her out and she passed out! She woke up playing again! I love this product and bright starts never fails to being creative, fun, and a great learning toy for your little one!

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