BIG Winners!

Mineral Hygenics!

newmama2010 said... 12


Pie Maker 38 said... 47


funnylittlechicken23 said... 8

CONGRATS everyone and I wish more could of won! I know a lot of you have out in some hard work and taking advantage of the voting and tweeting! I thank you all s much! I know how bad I wanted the Tassimo and when I got it I was like bouncing off the walls! 

Don't be discouraged because I have more coming up and trying to get "New" ones! Some Really great ones too! 

If you need an explanation on how why I did not post the Random number please contact me and I will explain. Any questions of just to say hello! I love my loyal folks and can't wait to continue to grow with you all! 

I am emailing now!!

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