My Readers Opinion!

Ok, so here I am bugging you for advice!! My head is spinning trying to figure out a "design" to run with , like frogs, birds, owls, etc

Well I can;t do frogs because I know another blog ran with that idea, same with owls, I love green and frogs! lol

So I was thinking maybe a ZOO blog but I have two girls not boys, IDK!! I wanted to do pink and princess but i don't want people to not come to my blog because it's pink and girly!

So I am asking for ideas!! Also would you still visit my blog if it was girly? Or if it was even ZOO like, We love the Zoo and animlas! So yuppers!

Ok let is loose! tell me your opinion for once!


  1. I think the Zoo idea would be awesome!

  2. I like the flowers you have now .. If your changing I will take yours .. LOL .. I would still visit no matter what you had :)

  3. Lol, Well I bought software and i wanna use it! I am CAN NOT make a choice!

  4. I think zoo animals would be very unique! Love the idea! Good luck!

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  6. Personally, the content of someone's blog matters more than the actual look of it. Some of my favorite blogs have little theme at all. I do think a whimsical zoo theme would be a cute look though. There's a ton of girly/pink themed pages out there. I think whatever you pick is going to look great. Love your blog.

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  8. Love your site :) Following you through Tuesday Blog Trail! I'm following your blog, facebook, twitter and networked blogs :)

    ~ Stacey ~

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