Bright Starts Begin With a Bright Smile!

Soon to be kicking off in February is not only the Super Bowl and Valentines but also National Children's Dental Month! 

Start the month off right for your little ones! We all know parenthood comes with big responsibilities, fun times, and hard times. One of the hardest being teething time! I am a second time mom and can assure you it does not get easier with number 2. With a growing baby, it's important to take care of them the best "YOU" can until they are able to take over. Teething is a pain "literally" but has big impact on your child' life then you thought. There baby teeth help make way for speech, jaw formation, and so much more.

As a first time parent It was all about what teething toy to get, do I get water filled ones, what about plastic ones,  just so many thoughts would run threw my head over a simple toy. Bright Starts offer many different ways to help your child though the teething process and in fun ways! They provide fun and innovative toys to help promote healthy teeth growth but also safe ones.

Chill and Teethe™ Teether Tubes

Bright Starts Chill and Teethe packs are great for the ones that like it a little cold. You can place them in the fridge and they can teeth on something cold to help ease their pains. These are water filled and safe for baby. Chill and Teethe packs are easy for you child to grasp as well and the price can't be beaten!

Teethe and Read™ Teethe and Read™

Teethe and Read are cute little Bright Start character books that have two teething sides on one page corner, wiggly spine that includes two beads as well. The book's pages also have the noisy,crunchy feeling and sound. These are a great start for your growing up genius.

Pretty In Pink™ Teether Beads Starry Teether™

Pretty In Pink Teether Beads are also wonderful to hand over to your baby for teething or simulation needs. The beads have different textures, shapes, and sizes. These are also very handy for your little bundle's tiny hands. Also a portion of this toy goes to breast cancer!

My mom of two point of view; These are wonderful, Bright Starts is not a new brand in my home and I enjoyed buying their products with my first daughter. My second daughter was so lucky to get to try out the above products and have loved them. She is now 6 months and can easily grasp all of the toys and especially loves the book. The Teethe and Read  has been a great "mommy gets 5 minutes toy". I can hand this book to her and she plays with the crunchy pages, looks at all the bright colors, and of course tries to eat it! The pages are soft, as well as teething corners.  She also loves the Chill Teethers. They all have a different texture and they are easy for her to get in her mouth. I love that they come in packs of three and different colors. I will often change up a color if she gets bored with the current one.  The Pink Teether Beads, who wouldn't like those. She will stare at them and try to eat them. We've used that as a car toy, so far has worked like a charm.

I really love Bright Starts and there safe, fun products. My daughter is starting out on the teething process and I look forward to getting some more great toys to help her have a brighter smile!

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