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Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes, set of 10 Organic Bamboo Baby Wipes, set of 10

I got the chance to review Little Lily Bamboo wipes/wash cloths. I received them very fast. They were really nicely put tog and cute. As soon as I touched them, I was like oohing, because they are soo soft. I have already used these wipes to wipe droll off my baby's face,wipe a nose, clean up a water spill, wipe a butt, i am finding more use for them all the time. all i had to do was throw them in the wash and no more wasting money on wipes, paper towels, etc.

These are baby wipes! Very nice and soft for the bums! They can also be used for wash cloths, reusable cleaning rags, kitchen clean up, because they are so soft they can even be used to take off makeup.  They are about 8/8 squares. Very nicely made too!

Now, your prob thinking, WHY should I buy these instead of some rags at the store. 

*Bamboo is a natural, green, Eco-friendly plant 

that is biodegradable
*Considered a sustainable natural resource
*Has natural properties that wick moisture 
*Naturally anti-bacterial
*Repellent to harmful UV rays
*No chemical additives
*Naturally soft
*Holds 3 times its weight in moisture
*Produced Organically

These were inspired by her daughters! She put so much love and care into these wipes to make sure they were perfect for her children and making them just as cozy and safe for yours.

Check out her Etsy store for some awesome deals and also her website with some really nice new things up! She also makes other things such as really cute hooded towels and more! 

GO check her sites out Etsy and Webpage.


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