CHANGE of name!

We are going threw a change and having issues. If you notice a TON of content missing. I am working on it and should be fixed asap!

blogger IS SOO LUCKY they don;t have a (excuse me) F**K**G number to call or google!

A TON OF CONTENT is gone and my blog has changed, I am trying to ix it ASAP!!

Hang in there, Promise theres some awesome giveaways coming up!


  1. I am no longer

    I am NOW

    BUt when everything was switching over, I lost a ton of blog spots, and all my buttons and everything!!

  2. Priscilla, What are the advantages of changing?

  3. My advice is if you plan to buy your domain, I'd do it now!

    It's only 10 bucks a year.

    ANd it looks more professional. I think.

    I wish I would of bought it awhile ago when I was liek Op, for 10 bucks why not.

  4. I am in the blogging world for over 2 years and I know some advantages and disadvantages of changing from free to domain. Most of my blogs are in my own domain and the new one is just free but i am thinking of getting my own domain. If you want to change your blog from free to your own domain is not that hard. Also if you want to change your blog looks you need to save the links and widgets in your side bar in a either a note pad or word pad. The post is automatic but you will lost your side bar buttons, widgets and links if you forgot to save it. Anyway, just visiting from Thrifty Thursday and already a follower. See you.

  5. Hi! I hope this will make your day a little better. I nominated you for a blogger award. Check out and check it out!

    ~ Amy from Harvest For Tomorrow


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